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Here is a list of the major free web hosts.  There's also a listing that links to another database where you can search for more free web hosting providers.


50 Megs

500 MB, FrontPage support, Site search engine, POP e-mail and/or web-based e-mail, personalized domain, FTP and File Manager, Page-building tools, free search submission


Lots of space, Site-building tools, CGI and JavaScript, free images, resources, FrontPage support

I have been with Bravenet for years and love their services.  They are totally free and they're always adding more and more tools.  I HIGHLY recommend them.

Site offers a free option, but there are more benefits with the premium services.

12 MB Web space, Page-building tools, E-mail forwarding, Personalized domain

I've used this one and it is easy to administer.  The ads they use are pop-up.

Free or upgrade to premium.  20 megs.  Also has website design services.


You can store up to 25 MB, Transfer limits up to 6GB / month, Full featured WebMail and POP Email,  Multimedia File Support, No Banner Ads!

This is the host of my website.  As I said earlier, I love them!

100 Best free Web space

Huge list of free web hosts, with ratings and details on their services.

1 FTP Account, Site Creation Utility, 50 MEGS, Custom CGI/SSI Ability, Support

FrontPage, FTP, CGI and JavaScripts, page-building tools and more.

This is the host of my personal website.  I love them, too!  They've got excellent tools to build a great site.

FrontPage, domain name, 20 Megs, web-based e-mail and more.

This is actually a craft mall, but it's set up with a site-builder, and it's also free, so I thought it fit here better!  Three different booth "sizes" to choose from.

Yahoo Geocities

Page-Building Tools like page wizards and editor, 15 Megs, short URL address, FTP, file manager

I had a suggestion to add Host Ratings to my site, which is a pretty good idea!  (Thanks, Barb!)



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