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Terms of Service for the use of this site and any files or services downloaded from or through it, etc. 


  1. My Lil' Craft Shoppe's Web Graphics are for use on "All Audiences" sites ONLY!  Using them on Adult, racist, or non-PG sites is PROHIBITED!

  2. You may NOT alter my graphics unless it is for the sole purpose of adding text to a blank button, etc.  Re-sizing is acceptable (and will probably be necessary in some cases).

  3. My graphics should not be used or combined in any graphics collections, in the creation of any other patterns or materials or reproduced in any way without my consent.  If you would like to use them for something other than your website or own personal use, please ask me first.

  4. Please provide a link back to my site on your homepage if you use one of my websets.  A logo will be provided in the zipped file you receive.  Text links are also acceptable.

  5. These files are "as is" and no warranties are provided. You also understand that My Lil' Craft Shoppe cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that the files will be free of infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that manifest contaminating or destructive properties. You are responsible for implementing sufficient procedures, etc. for the protection and accuracy of data, and for maintaining a means for the reconstruction of any lost data or problems that might occur.  

  6. You understand that the graphics and/or services offered from My Lil' Craft Shoppe are non-refundable.


General Info 


  1. You assume total responsibility and risk for the use of this site and any of its services.  

  2. You understand that My Lil' Craft Shoppe will not be held liable to You or any other person for any problems or damage to persons or property caused by the use of these files or any information contained within this site or referred to off-site.  You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold My Lil' Craft Shoppe free and harmless from any and all claims regarding such.

  3. My Lil' Craft Shoppe reserves the right to modify, amend and completely revoke, establish and change any of the above guidelines as deemed necessary.  You will be notified if such action is taken.

Downloading any files or using any services constitutes acceptance of this agreement.